Soap opera cravings washed away

When we were newly married, my husband and I moved to a community where we didn’t know anyone. He began his new job, and I was working part time.

In high school and college I had been introduced to the world of TV soap operas by friends who were avid fans. I was now home by lunchtime and began to tune in to a particular show. I found comfort and consistency in having a routine that I could look forward to in the form of a noonday gathering with my TV “friends” while eating my lunch. 

When our first baby was born, and I became a stay-at-home mom, this lunchtime ritual became even more special as I anticipated seeing the characters that had become so familiar to me. They filled a desire for some adult company, and some light entertainment at the same time. Soon, I noticed I would actually schedule appointments so as not to conflict with my show, and realized that I had become more dependent on this hour than I truly wanted to be. I was not pleased with this habit and knew that it was actually a form of addiction—something that exerted control over my thoughts and behavior. However, I didn’t want to stop watching.

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