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In Science, God, the All-in-all, holds each individual in sacred unity with all others. No one is left out.
The practitioner had been speaking to my husband about his status as the pure child of God, and this helped him regain his self-respect. My husband found for the first time that he could feel God’s power and love.

The stranger

Enjoy this week's poetic offering. 

How I became a parent

I had been working prayerfully to get my own desires out of the way and to make space for God’s parenting and His loving provision for His children.
Turning Points in Spiritual Growth:
I began to look forward to lunch hours with the Christian Science Monitor instead of the soap opera. 
TeenConnect: Trending
When a Paris romance soured, this writer felt devastated, unloved, and lonely. Could praying help at all? She got a life-changing answer when she finally turned to God.
Often I would feel a sting of pain from the past; I just felt so wronged and hurt. 
Testimony of Healing
I prayed for complete healing of my relationship with my in-laws.
Testimony of Healing
God’s child remains an innocent expression of God, entirely untouched by any suggestion of impurity.
Bible Lens

God the Only Cause and Creator

While the Israelites initially saw Yahweh as merely superior to other deities, they grew to embrace the worship of Yahweh as the only God.

Letters & Conversations

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