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Theft averted on a city street

Christian Science, the Science of the Christ, the Comforter promised by Christ Jesus, teaches us many wonderful things. For instance, it explains how to guard thought against anything that would oppose the Christ, Truth, and how to identify ourselves and others as spiritual ideas of God—tenderly nourished, cherished, protected, cared for, and loved by our divine Father-Mother.

The teachings of Christian Science also show us how to love our neighbor as ourselves, and to include all of humanity in the same affection. We are called on to pray for our loved ones, our families, and our communities. For instance, I like to include in my prayers those local children who are commonly called “street children,” who no longer live with their families.

I witnessed the blessings of such prayer one time when I was at a city bus stop. A group of street children surrounded me and asked me for money. While I was explaining to them that I had nothing on me, one who was just to my left put his hand in my bag to take whatever he could find.

On my way into the city, I had been thinking about part of the spiritual definition of children found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: “The spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love” (Mary Baker Eddy, p. 582). 

I had been inspired by this definition, which conveys the true nature of each child as a complete representative of God—entirely spiritual, created to express qualities such as innocence, kindness, love, obedience, politeness, etc. And our Master, Christ Jesus, loved children because of their natural receptivity to good, to the truth of their relation to their Father-Mother, God.

This inspiration helped me remain calm in this situation. I was not afraid of losing anything, because I recognized that God was in control and that God is the one divine Mind, who owns, and is, all good. In God, there is no loss.

I also became aware of the pure, free, and innocent nature of these children. I had a steadfast certainty that we were all the beloved children of God, satisfied by God and complete, not lacking anything. We are the flawless children of God, each one having a rightful place in His kingdom, receiving all good from the one source of endless resources, which is God.

I was thinking of these truths and felt a conviction of the effectiveness of this prayer.

Then, one of the children commented on his friend’s wrongdoing in putting his hand in my bag. As I turned my gaze to the one who had reached into my bag, he quickly removed his hand. He hadn’t taken anything, and when I checked inside the bag, everything was in order.

Divine Love is more powerful than bad actions, and is strong enough to hold would-be evil influences in check. Everyone is capable of realizing and experiencing the effectiveness of Christian Science, more and more every day, in defeating all that is unloving. The recognition that God’s healing love is strong enough to reach even the problems that seem the most entrenched, such as poverty and homelessness, can inspire our prayers for our communities and beyond.

I remain infinitely grateful for the teachings of Christian Science, which I consider to be the “pearl of great price” (Matthew 13:46).

Marie Tshiota Lupongo
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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