You can be a healing helper

Lily was just learning to read, but she already knew that there were healing ideas in the Bible that could help her when she had a problem. Sometimes, on the way to school Mom would play a recording of that week’s Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly. They would talk about ideas from the Bible and from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy that helped them feel close to God and stay close to God all day long. Lily had had many healings with ideas from the Bible as she listened to the Lesson on the way to school.

One day, when Lily’s little sister, Maggie, fell down and got hurt, Lily was the one upstairs with her. There were grownups downstairs who could have comforted and helped Maggie. But Lily knew she could help, too. She knew just what to do!

Quickly, she ran to her desk and got her Bible. She brought it over to Maggie. Lily didn’t want to take time to find her favorite passages, so she just opened up the Bible and started reading aloud. She felt sure that God would have a good message to comfort Maggie. 

The passage wasn’t one she’d read before, either in the Lesson or in Christian Science Sunday School, but she wasn’t worried. Here’s what she read: “He put the altar of burnt offering by the door of the tabernacle of the tent of the congregation, and offered upon it the burnt offering and the meat offering; as the Lord commanded Moses” (Exodus 40:29). There were some big words that Lily couldn’t quite read. But she did know the word offering, and she hugged Maggie close and told her, “God is offering you a healing.” 

Maggie stopped crying right away. She knew that when a friend offers you a cookie or offers to take you to the playground, all you have to do is say yes and thanks! She smiled up at Lily, and Lily knew that Maggie was saying yes to her healing.

“Let’s go play again, OK?” said Lily. 

Away they went! Maggie was healed, and she and Lily had fun playing together the rest of the afternoon.

Later, Grammy told Lily that she had heard her helping Maggie. She said she was so grateful to know that Lily knew just how to help. Then Lily smiled at Grammy because she realized God had offered her something, too. God had helped her to be a healer.

Be fruitful
October 4, 2021

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