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I realized that I could no longer afford to miss out on the blessing and belonging of church.

Grounded trust

Real strength and growth don’t come from avoiding windy challenges but from facing them. How do we do this? We are strengthened to the degree that we prayerfully behold ourselves and others expressing God’s perfection—and nothing less.
I kept affirming what I knew to be true about God and me and pushing back on any doubts or discord, which I knew in my heart were not true. Focusing as much as I could on the reality of Spirit, of health and harmony, and trying not to give the physical symptoms my attention, I stood my ground.
How I Found Christian Science
 Could these have been healings? Without any fanfare?

You can be a healing helper

Lily didn’t want to take time to find her favorite passages, so she just opened up the Bible and started reading aloud. She felt sure that God would have a good message to comfort Maggie.

Be fruitful

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
Testimony of Healing
It’s interesting that I wasn’t trying to be grateful. Gratitude just came to me, as a natural part of what I am.
Testimony of Healing
I had to forgive myself for thinking that a mistake was possible and could have dire effects.
Testimony of Healing

Theft averted on a city street

Divine Love is more powerful than bad actions, and is strong enough to hold would-be evil influences in check. 
Bible Lens

Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?

Christ Jesus presents forgiveness as central to prayer.

Letters & Conversations

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