Protected on an international business trip

This testimony is an expression of my gratitude to God for a healing that took place more than thirty years ago while I was on a business trip in an Eastern Bloc country that closely monitored the movement of all visitors from the United States. The Ministry of Oil and Gas of this country had asked my company based in the US to send representatives to give them a technical presentation on our computerized positioning system that the Ministry was considering installing on ships to be used in drilling for oil in deep ocean waters.

In the morning on the day of the meeting, I decided to take a walk in the neighborhood where our office was located. I was bundled up in a light-colored winter coat, and since most of the people out that day were wearing dark-colored clothing, my presence was quite noticeable. As I walked along the street, I took a few pictures of people and of the surrounding buildings and landscape. A local woman passed me and made some comments in her language, which I did not understand since I did not speak the language, but which I sensed had to do with my taking pictures. Suddenly, I was surrounded by several policemen, who motioned for me to give them my camera and escorted me across the street and into a building. They took me down a dimly lit hallway and into a room filled with several more policemen.

Testimony of Healing
Difficult throat condition cured
June 18, 2018

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