Being our brothers’ keepers

A motorcyclist and I were alone on a three-lane highway. Just as I thought about passing him, he started doing stunts, so I hung back. Seconds later he lost control of his bike and needed all three lanes to gain it back. Since I had allowed a good distance between him and me, it was no problem to slow down even further and give him all the space he needed. Soon he managed to straighten out his bike, and he briefly turned around, waved a quick “Thank you,” and went on his way. As I waved back, I said to myself, “Yes, I guess I am my brother’s keeper.” In hindsight, I also hoped he realized that doing stunts on public roads isn’t a good idea! 

I love the concept of being our brothers’ keepers. Feeling close enough to my fellow man to take an interest in their well-being is important to me, even if I don’t know them individually. For me, making sure that a helping hand is extended when needed is both a duty and a privilege. Very often, as in my encounter with the motorcyclist, it’s not a big deal. A moment of alertness, a few extra seconds, and the willingness to give someone space are often all that is needed. Afterward, I am glad.

The twenty-third Psalm brings healing
June 18, 2018

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