Leg injury healed

About four years ago, my brother challenged me to race him in a 50-yard dash behind our home. I accepted, and halfway through I stopped when there was suddenly a sharp pain and popping sensation in my thigh. It felt as if I’d pulled a hamstring muscle. I hadn’t warmed up before running, and I was tempted to berate myself for being foolish. However, I tried to remain calm. I have seen many physical healings in my life through prayer as taught in Christian Science, and I knew I could rely on prayer alone for healing again here. I did not consider any other form of treatment.

In the US, when a professional baseball player pulls a hamstring, he’s placed on what is called a 15-day disabled list, meaning he’s out of action for over two weeks. I did not have that much time. In ten days I had to complete a timed two-mile run as part of my annual training requirement for the US military reserve.

Testimony of Healing
A complete turnaround for our pet
September 28, 2015

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