Inspiration on the road

Because of my work and the fact that my children live a long distance from me, I find myself taking several road trips a year. Even before I put my suitcase in the car, I’ve developed a practice of affirming the Bible-based truth that every individual, including myself, is at one with God as His expression and reflects divine intelligence.

I love to recall this incident recounted in Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer, Amplified Edition, by Yvonne Caché von Fettweis and Robert Townsend Warneck, because it illustrates to me how she “saw the demand for Christian Scientists to be awake to the need for readily practicing Science at all times: ‘Oh how I wish all of my students were awake and demonstrating as they ought the divine Love pouring out upon us such miracles of favor. Today a runaway horse with a sleigh dangling behind him was making gallops towards my sleigh—but when I turned and looked him in the face, he turned away from the sleigh and rushed by us—and turned just as if reined by a driver’ ” (pp. 175–176).

Beloved as the sparrows
September 28, 2015

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