Cold symptoms disappear

I am always amazed and grateful for all that Mary Baker Eddy accomplished in her lifetime. About 15 years ago, on a Friday prior to attending my Christian Science students’ association meeting, I was in Maine sitting on the beach reading one of the biographies of Mary Baker Eddy’s life, when suddenly all the symptoms of a severe cold came on. My first thought was, How will I be able to sit through the association meeting all day Saturday, sneezing, coughing, and disturbing others?

As I prayed about this, I found myself thinking of what I had been reading about Mrs. Eddy, that in all she accomplished, she did not do the works on her own—she always relied on God to heal and guide her. Then this thought came to me: If I were making a loaf of bread, it would be my responsibility to add the yeast, but it would not be my responsibility to make the yeast work. This thought relieved me of a false sense of responsibility, and I felt confident of healing. With God, it was my responsibility to affirm the truth (add the yeast), but God makes the truth (yeast) effective. I knew that my true selfhood as a child of God has always been perfect, that God never made evil (such as colds or any other sickness), and that nothing could keep me from fulfilling my purpose to be at my association meeting. I knew that this fear would be cast out by divine Love.

Immediately I was free from all the cold symptoms and went on to have an uplifting Saturday. In all the years since, I cannot recall ever experiencing another cold. I am so grateful to be learning of God’s love and His goodness to us all.

Testimony of Healing
Travels in harmony
August 26, 2013

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