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[“My birthday present: forgiveness,” Kathryn Jones Dunton, July 22 & 29, 2013, Sentinel]

A family tree rooted in God

Any human, material record doesn't define us. We image forth our one true Parent, God.
One Sunday night, I sincerely prayed to God to show me how to get past the barriers.

A five-stone pause

A five-stone pause is a specific retreat from the hustle of events in order to ask God's guidance.

Childlike trust

We're not earning healings; we're bearing witness to God's healing power.
Spiritual Lens

"The universe reflects and expresses the divine substance..."

In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

We can walk in that road

Picture the disciples at the last supper, their final meeting with the Master before his crucifixion.
News @ CSPS
Have you ever had something almost overnight change the way you do something?

Bright ideas

These bright ideas of Truth were angel messages from God.
Testimony of Healing
This testimony is long overdue, but I hope it will bless others.
Testimony of Healing

The joy that is mine

In late 2008, I was invited to stay at my friends’ high-rise condo overlooking San Diego Bay while they would be away for three months.
Testimony of Healing
I am grateful that prayer heals by changing our thought, revealing that anything that claims to separate us from God is false.
Testimony of Healing

Cold symptoms disappear

I am always amazed and grateful for all that Mary Baker Eddy accomplished in her lifetime.
Testimony of Healing

Travels in harmony

My traveling buddy, a former work colleague, and I have enjoyed vacationing in Maine for the last 15 summers.
From the Editors
Sincere tweets for prayer are like little candles joined together to reject the darkness.

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