Something to crow about

One morning as I was in my study, I observed a phenomenon that happens frequently in our neighborhood. When an eagle roosts in one of the tall pine trees, flocks of crows gather on the nearby trees to badger the eagle with their noise. On this particular morning a flock of crows had been badgering an eagle relentlessly for nearly 20 minutes. Finally the eagle took flight and the “crow-chorus” quickly fizzled out. The eagle remained king, unfazed by the noise of the crows. The noise didn’t threaten his supremacy, and neither did the crows’ presence nor their individual or collective puny power.

What a great metaphor for how evil tries to badger us, especially when we are reaching for higher levels of spirituality. But no matter how noisy, it can’t touch or affect the supremacy of God and our status as His perfect idea. Divine Love, immortal Soul, and its idea, is King and “the noise of many waters” (Psalms 93:4) is nothing compared to God’s omnipotence. As one with God, man can’t express anything less than this dominion, no matter how much noise evil makes. 

In the presence of angels
August 27, 2012

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