Blessed by God

For the lesson titled "Man" from August 27–September 2, 2012

This week’s Bible Lesson, titled “Man,” begins and ends with songs of praise, while sandwiched in between are the specific blessings God gives to all of us. 

Sections I and II are filled with acknowledgements of unbreakable connection between God and mankind. Isaiah 43 (citation 3) says, “I have called thee by thy name,” which indicates God’s tender, close care of God’s people. This was written at a time when the Israelites had been in exile and now were returning to their homeland. Psalm 8 (cit. 6) is a praise song, praising God for giving us such a place of honor in God’s creation. All songs of praise are profound expressions of gratitude for God’s blessings. The Psalmist understood that gratitude solidifies the existence of blessings and opens the door to receive. 

Church Alive
Reading Room on the radio
August 27, 2012

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