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Thank you, Kim Shippey, for including Mary Baker Eddy’s profoundly Christian summation of “One infinite God, good …”.

Break through to balance

Do you find yourself at times struggling with juggling the various aspects of your life—your career, your home life, your church and community work?
In the scale of divine Spirit, we can’t be weighed down or tipped over.

God's law of equality

A businessman discovers a fresh spiritual take on the law of supply and demand.

Buoyed, not demoralized

From work challenges, to health issues, to family scenarios . . . prayer blesses us in so many ways!
Quiet prayer lifts us above the hurry of "always-on" culture and electronic media.

Never a victim

Study and prayer lead to triumph over daunting experiences in childhood and marriage.


A poem.

Ditch failure!

We don’t have to bow down to an idea of ourselves as failures—this writer tells how.

Something to crow about

One morning as I was in my study, I observed a phenomenon that happens frequently in our neighborhood.
Some thoughts about the health benefits of hugging and being hugged. 
A girl called Jade tells what happened on the day she visited with her grandpa.
My spiritual reality was unbroken, so any picture that suggested I was broken in some way was an illusion.
Sentinel Watch

Overcrowded prisons and the Almighty's assurance

It is the very opposite of fear—it is the very assurance coming from the Almighty—that has the power.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Blessed by God

Gratitude solidifies the existence of blessings and opens the door to receive.
Church Alive
Listeners called in while we were on the air to say they liked what they've heard.
Items of Interest
What did a bedouin shepherd and a cobbler who dealt in antiques have in common?
Items of Interest
A large-scale Bible museum will open in Washington, DC, within four years, say planners who have been touring the world with portions of their collection.
Testimony of Healing

Flu healed on the March

During basic training in the army, I had a healing that proved to me beyond an iota of doubt that God is always present and caring for us, no matter where we are.
Testimony of Healing
Last February, I spent quite a bit of time praying about my “right place” and spiritual identity.
Testimony of Healing
Some years ago, my husband and I moved into a condo we had recently purchased.
From the Editors

No darkness at all

You are naturally receptive to the light.

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