Overcrowded prisons and the Almighty's assurance

California got itself into a years-in-the-making jam when it stuffed too many prisoners into too little space. Prison authorities hijacked common areas, such as gymnasiums, and retrofitted them with rows upon rows of double- and triple-stacked bunks. As living conditions declined, tempers among inmates rose and violent outbreaks mushroomed. The courts finally stepped in. They ordered the end of overcrowding. But how could the state achieve that? In part, by dumping inmates back onto the streets. That included inmates who stood, in some instances, far from possible parole (see “US prison inmates returning to society: How will they be received?” The Christian Science Monitor, May 20, 2012).

So, how happy does this make the neighborhood?

In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Blessed by God
August 27, 2012

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