Flu healed on the March

During basic training in the army, I had a healing that proved to me beyond an iota of doubt that God is always present and caring for us, no matter where we are. My company had just returned to our barracks after lunch, and as we were preparing to “fall out” (line up in formation in front of our respective barracks), the symptoms of flu suddenly overwhelmed me. Since I had entered the military as a dedicated student of Christian Science, I didn’t want to go to sick bay. In the hubbub of activity involved in falling out, I naively asked the sergeant in charge of herding the troops if I could call a Christian Science practitioner. The look on his face defined “bewilderment.” Not only had he never heard of Christian Science, but he certainly had no idea what a Christian Science practitioner was. Hardly breaking stride, the sergeant turned to me, called me by my last name, and blurted, “Fall out!” 

My legs were like rubber. I could hardly stand, but I obeyed his command. Turning to God without reservation, I was unaware of the position I took in the formation. I soon discovered that where I stood required me, when we approached an intersection, to “break ranks”—run forward double-time and stand at parade rest, wait for the entire company to pass the intersection, and then return to my original position, on the double. The alarming thought came, “How can I do this?” I could hardly stand, much less march double-time! 

Testimony of Healing
Exhaustion and cold symptoms healed
August 27, 2012

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