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Thank you for “A man who loved” from the editors in the June 18 Sentinel [“Not guilty”].

Rejoicing together

In his sermon in St.
Ever wanted to know more about how you can take greater advantage of Mary Baker Eddy’s unique system for “self-instruction in Christian Science” through the Bible and her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures?

Borderless community

Observations from someone who has lived in ten different neighborhoods in five different countries.

How big is good?

A noisy neighbor doesn't have to disturb your harmony.
Our participation in online communities can be guided by God.

My first interfaith experience

She shared all the good that had come into her life through Christian Science.

Embracing communities worldwide

Discussion of some books by Miroslav Volf on the role of community life in healing local and world issues.

Climate change: What I could do

How one woman lets prayer inspire efforts to reduce her impact on the environment.
An Australian schoolteacher bears witness to God's presence in a South African town.
When her town faces budget cuts in education, she knows there's something she can do.

The grizzly bear delusion

Ready for a good laugh and some solid spiritual ideas? Read on.


Contemplation with rumination      and speculation 

Unlimited resources

The first step in helping to plan her daughter's wedding was prayer.

Planted in a new path

This author moved on to a new job by letting God open the way.

Love's leading

God’s love descendslike a dove, 

Seeking the way

(Upon reading the poem ‘Whither?

The answer

Too many voices, too many choices,Confusion, delusion, illusion    abound.


You stand in the center of it already—    abundance, ever new!Boundless talents, precious and     unique, working tirelessly in multiples     of good to satisfy all need.

Marjorie and the Dream

A children's book teaches her a thing or two about jealousy and self-limitation.
Through a Spiritual Lens

Focused thought

I took this picture many years ago when I was enrolled in a college photojournalism class.

God made you perfect

It's all about what God's done–an idea that removes frustration and heals.
God has a very special plan for you.
A game for kids.
The Touch of Class

Sign me up!

I simply wanted to learn how to heal.
How I Shared Christian Science

I shared with my professor

I told my professor I am part of a healing family. I am a Christian Scientist. 
Church Alive

Your questions about church

I think it's worth examining the concept of a relationship. 
How I Found Christian Science

'A spiritual model of life'

My feelings of hopelessness waned as I remembered that God creates us in His own image.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

The 'more excellent way'

We cannot know or feel God's love for us if we don't live in selfless love ourselves. 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Finding our God-given freedom

Spiritual liberty can be found in Christ.
Sentinel Watch

A healing standard

Christian Scientists are not in the business of manipulating matter.
Items of Interest

A summer of 'radical acts'

TMC Youth, the youth-focused arm of The Mother Church, recently announced an ecumenical summer program called “Radical Acts” on time4thinkers.
Items of Interest

Lots of Laughs

Even if this haiku doesn’t bring lots of laughs, we suspect it might bring some knowing smiles.
Testimony of Healing

Protected during a fall

When I took Christian Science class instruction in 1964, our teacher explained to the class how vitally important it was for each student to do daily protective metaphysical work by identifying oneself with God as His spiritual idea.
Testimony of Healing

Chest pains overcome

This past spring my wife and I had driven to a wetlands area to walk for about two miles, watching and photographing birds.
Testimony of Healing

Spinal meningitis healed

One day when I was 15 years old, I got a headache that grew progressively worse.
Testimony of Healing

Spine fracture healed

I would like to share the healing I experienced several months ago.
From the Editors
We are, in fact, conceived, defined, and crafted by the divine Creator.

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