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I just got the April 9 Sentinel [“Identity”] and must specifically write to thank two of the writers.

Mother's Day every day

The month of May and motherhood go hand in hand in the United States, where Mother’s Day has been officially celebrated annually for over 100 years.
Mary Baker Eddy established a unique system for “self-instruction in Christian Science” through the Bible and her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

Mom with us

The effects of spiritual mothering were felt by this writer––even in war-torn Vietnam.
We can always feel God's mothering love and care for us, no matter the circumstances.


Our Father is Mother; unlimited by gender:Not god and goddess, as the ancients stroveto balance love conditional on virtuewith love embracing all—condoning faultsstill unforsaken.
Mental activeness, self-discipline, and expectancy. Key to healing.
No matter how long negative feelings have gone on, it's never too late for a shift in thought.

100% Natural

Trusting God is 100 percent natural.

Embrace a higher view

At every turn, we have an opportunity to look for evidence of God.

'Things into thoughts'

I wanted a piano!  So I decided to pray about it every day.

I overcame shyness

You can fulfill your purpose without fear, shyness, or insecurity.
A blog from
A Sunday School student from Central Africa tells how he prayed.
How I Found Christian Science

'I had found what I was searching for'

I was free at last to live my life in joy.
Church Alive
I began nurturing the idea that freshness, energy, and healing power are ageless.
The Touch of Class

Class instruction: a life changer

To me, class instruction was a two-week demonstration of divine Love and Principle.
Sentinel Watch
Love is present and at work in Florida and throughout the world. No situation is impervious to the power of God.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

'From glory to glory'

Mourning is changed to gladness through Christ-healing. 
Through a Spiritual Lens

Cherry blossom time

Photomotion is a term I’ve given to photographs that were achieved by moving my camera quickly, so that the image is not in focus, but in motion.
Items of Interest
In October 2011 the Christian Science Board of Directors released a revised Spanish translation of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
Testimony of Healing
At the end of July 2011, I was planning to go on a family vacation and was very concerned about how I would hold up in the rugged hinterland of Canada.
Testimony of Healing
In December of 2010, I noticed a lump on my breast that began increasing in size.
Testimony of Healing

Hip and leg pain healed

After each Sunday service, my branch church holds a “gathering” in which members and others discuss Bible stories and spiritual ideas through presentations and music.
From the Editors

With your whole heart

To be devoted, to be wholehearted, is a means of understanding right here and now our oneness with God.

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