No room for food fear

My sophomore year in college, a bag of trail mix with a combination of nuts and M&M’s was passed around the classroom while I was finishing an ecology test. Thinking nothing of it, I took a handful and began to eat. While working on my next question, I found it hard to concentrate on my test, as my tongue began to swell. I could only remember experiencing something like this once before, when I was in second grade. At that time, I was quickly OK and hadn’t experienced any reactions of that kind since. 

Almost done with my test, I tried to push through. However, as fear of the swelling flooded my thoughts, I knew I needed to confront it through prayer. I set down my pencil and closed my eyes. When I was younger, my Sunday school teacher taught our class that when praying, we could “A.R.K.” the situation: allay the fear, reverse the claim of something being in control besides God, good, and know the Truth. And in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, Ark is described as “. . . the understanding of Spirit, destroying belief in matter” (p. 581). By following inspiration, I knew I could gain a clearer understanding of God, Spirit.

Sentinel Watch
Tireless prayer for endurance athletes
April 23, 2012

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