Call on faith

“Your Daily Lift,” a series of audio and video presentations by Christian Science lecturers, has become a staple of It provides helpful, inspiring, healing thoughts for each day of the working week. Since the beginning of March, the video talks have been reaching an even wider audience as a result of negotiations with Odyssey Networks, based in New York. Note, though, that the “Lifts” available on Odyssey are not necessarily shown in the same sequence as the audio versions on

“Daily Lift” videos are just one feature of Odyssey’s “Call on Faith” app, which Odyssey explains is “the first all-video digital source of content that literally puts dynamic inspiration in the palm of your hand wherever you are, whenever you need it.” The new app is available on iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones, on iPad, Nook, and iTouch devices. It’s on all mobile phone networks, and is included in Sprint’s Mobile TV package. “Call on Faith” delivers over 200 two- to five-minute videos (including a selection of “Daily Lifts”), with 50 new videos going up each month across the “Call on Faith” channels, for a one-time download charge of $0.99. All that’s required is a search for “Call on Faith” in the app store on a smartphone or tablet device ( 

April 23, 2012

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