Student debts: a spiritual solution

On occasion the Sentinel reprints articles from past issues that have particular significance today for our readers. The following article, written during a period of economic hardship due to high inflation, was first published in our April 30, 1979, issue.

Financial lack needn’t impede or threaten our educational progress. Christian Science shows how to relieve the pressure of adverse economic conditions and prove that there is no lack of God’s promise or ability to meet our need.

“We’ve got to be realists!” you might protest. “We just can’t gloss over erosion of our currency or inflation. It’s playing havoc with our lives!” It may look that way. But consider for a moment. It’s said that today’s economic conditions restrict our access to books, food, tuition, transportation. But are these conditions what really deprive us of expanded educational opportunities?

When a friend committed suicide
October 8, 2012

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