Screening for loneliness?

“Screening for loneliness?” Blogcritics. July 26, 2012

Early in life, I discovered the importance of the relationship between health and performance.

While in the military, I worked in a chapel located where all new recruits in that region were sent to do basic training. As the chaplain’s assistant, I saw their loneliness first hand and often discussed the importance of prayer with them. Fear of the unknown and missing friends and family left them physically unable to serve; upon medical diagnosis many were directed to report to what the military calls “sick bay.”

I soon discovered that the recruits’ lack of “mental peace” was creating their physical illness. As a result, they were not able to physically perform to the standard expected by the military. It was apparent that their symptoms were being treated but not the root cause, which was mental and emotional. Once the mental and emotional issues were addressed, the physical symptoms disappeared and the recruits returned to duty.

Testimony of Healing
Heart condition healed
October 8, 2012

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