In this series, individuals share how taking Christian Science Primary class instruction has strengthened their spiritual understanding, and brought increasing inspiration and healing to their lives.

'Never really over!'

“Class instruction was the best two weeks of my life!” exclaimed a former Sunday School teacher and mentor of mine. She was excited about my recent completion of Primary class instruction. Those two weeks certainly were awesome, so I understood her sentiment. And yet, while she meant the remark in a positive way, at the time it struck me as kind of a downer. What? You mean the best two weeks of my life are over?

In that moment I made a little pact with myself that those two weeks wouldn’t be the highlight of my lifelong study and practice of Christian Science. And through the years I’ve found that, as I continue to build upon what I learned in those two weeks of class, every year is better and more inspiring than the previous one.

The Touch of Class
A commitment strengthened
October 8, 2012

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