Encounters with angels

Bible accounts of angels still inspire faith today.

The Bible gives us wonderful stories of angels who guide and guard, praise God, open prison gates, fight holy wars, and fill the heavens with song. They appear to individuals at the crossroads of their experiences, at times of greatest need, delivering to humanity messages of God’s care. (Both the Hebrew and Greek words for angel, mal’ak and aggelos, actually mean “messenger.”) The presence of angels in the Bible  narratives, the Psalms, and the book of Revelation portrays God’s magnificence and closeness to His creation.

The first person in the Bible to meet an angel was Hagar, Sarah’s maid and the mother of Abraham’s firstborn, Ishmael. Twice in the desert, once running away and once banished, Hagar encountered the angel of God, who saved her life and the life of her son (see Gen. 16:7–14; 21:17–19). Hagar, a foreigner, a slave, and a woman, may have been at the bottom rung of ancient society, but she was precious to God and worthy of the angel message.

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June 27, 2011

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