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"A good laugh is sunshine..."

“A good laugh is sunshine in the house.


The April 11 Sentinel "Saved Through Christ" was a real blockbuster! After I finished reading one article and felt filled up to the brim with fresh ideas, then another one would appear with amazing depth and richness.

Angels come to us

One year when I was a counselor at summer camp, I was walking down a gravel path around twilight with a million things on my mind.
Items of Interest
Religion comes naturally, even instinctively, to human beings, a massive new study of cultures all around the world suggests.
Items of Interest
Every now and then, the Rev.
Sentinel Watch
Heaven, Earth, and man are characterized as good, harmoniously coexisting without injury to one another.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
God is no distant deity, but a deliverer.
How I Found Christian Science
I knew nothing of Christian Science at that point, but I was immediately drawn to the book’s teachings once I started reading it.
Church Alive

Honoring distinctiveness

Our paths of service may be uniquely individual, but divine Mind brings each talent and purpose together as one in demonstration. 

Listen . . . and follow

Listening awakens us to our love-linked unity with God.

Without number

One hundred thousand stars         cannot change the night sky,                 cannot make day appear.

Faith in God brings healing

A doctor said he couldn't help this writer overcome digestive problems, but that God could. And he was right.

Joining up

I didn’t join just because the church was a stunningly beautiful building.
So many people say they believe in angels. But what are they?

Angels for each other

An exchange outside a train station leads to new views of God's messages.

Not all angels have wings

Angel thoughts buoy up a woman when her family runs into car trouble.

Encounters with angels

Bible accounts of angels still inspire faith today.
Question of the Week

Can you share an angel experience you've had?

I have always loved walking in the hills behind my home.

Reaching the peak

Read about a hiking healing at summer camp.

Climbing wall confidence

This teen faced his fears and gained spiritual inspiration that made a big difference.

Change in editor of the Christian Science periodicals

With his heart full of gratitude for more than 40 years of service to The Mother Church and The Christian Science Publishing Society, Bill Dawley has resigned his position as Editor of the Christian Science periodicals, effective June 6, Annual Meeting Day, to dedicate full time to the healing practice he loves so much.

Transitioning to a new treasurer of The Mother Church

Through a spiritual lens
Several months ago I assigned myself a 365-day photography project.
Testimony of Healing
As I was about to descend a flight of cement steps, my foot caught, sending me unceremoniously rolling the whole way to the bottom.
Testimony of Healing

Growth on jaw healed

In a By-Law called “Alertness to Duty” in the Church Manual, Mary Baker Eddy directed each member of her Church to “defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion”.
Testimony of Healing

Quick healing

While holidaying in Majorca some years ago, a friend and I took a pedalo.
From the Editors
Eternal damnation and the possibility that only some will attain heaven are insupportable doctrines. 

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