Faith in God brings healing

A growing understanding of Christian Science drove away fear and illness.

During my last few years of study at the university when I was living in Ukraine, I discovered that I could digest only small amounts of food and take in very little water. The condition started after I was advised that some food I had eaten was tainted. This made me very afraid that I might unknowingly eat other tainted food. So whenever I had something to eat, this fear that it was tainted would come to me. Then I would feel an unbearable pain in my stomach and could not retain what I had eaten. 

Through the inspired truths of Christian Science and my deep study of the Bible, I started to realize that in a harmonious universe, which is governed by God, divine Principle, there is no place for any moral or physical law that could give reality to inharmony or disease.

Joining up
June 27, 2011

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