Angels for each other

First appeared as a web original on April 27, 2011

“Angels are everywhere; open up your eyes and you’ll see them.” This line from a song (“Angels are everywhere” by the group It’s About Good) floated through my head one afternoon as I was getting off the bus after a long day at work. It certainly didn’t seem like I’d seen any angels that day: I was upset at a request my boss had made of me, as it was clearly someone else’s job, someone in a different department. But I didn’t trust the person who would normally do this job to do it well. I had left work in a huff and planned to go home and talk about how unfair this was to my roommates, looking for sympathy and commiseration.

“Angels are everywhere; open up your heart and you’ll free them.” The next line from that song stopped me short. Where did that come from? I realized that it was probably a more productive line of thinking than the one I had been brooding over— reveling in the “fact” that I had been wronged.

Not all angels have wings
June 27, 2011

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