Hospitality opens the way to healing

Several years ago, I was shopping for a Christmas tree at a lot. There was a long, narrow watering pipe situated at an angle across a portion of the property. I was looking at the rows of trees beyond the pipe, and I headed in that direction. My foot went under the pipe, and I tripped and went flying around the corner into the path between the trees. I landed at a distance some ten feet beyond the pipe, and beyond the vision of the other people who were there.

My next awareness was of being on the ground, eyes closed, hearing myself protesting, “No!” as though I were talking in my sleep. (Later, I realized I had likely lost consciousness.) At first I felt disoriented, but as I prayed for the clarity that I reflect from divine Mind, I sat up, saying, “No!” more firmly. That morning, as every morning, I had filled my thoughts with God’s allness, and so I was “at the ready,” armed with spiritual thoughts, prepared to say no to anything that contradicted the spiritual fact that God was constantly caring for me.

Soon, a man appeared to help me, and I lifted my hand to him. He pulled me to a standing position. After I assured him I was fine, he went on his way. My prayers included acknowledging that I was “hid with Christ in God” (Col. 3:3). The lot was full of people, but I was thankful no one had become alarmed when I fell and had probably briefly been stunned or unconscious. I was free to do the prayerful work I needed to do. 

Testimony of Healing
Freed from excessive menopausal bleeding
March 28, 2011

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