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This letter is long overdue, as I am a life-long Christian Scientist and have been reading and benefiting from the Sentinel and other Christian Science publications all during that time.

I want to take that class!

I’ve been reading a new book called Paths of Pioneer Christian Scientists by Christopher L.
Items of Interest

A heavenly ministry

The messages appear when the sky is clear: Trust Jesus.
Items of Interest
When Mary Baker Eddy slipped on some ice and was injured on the streets of Lynn, Massachusetts, in February 1866, no one could have known that her subsequent healing would go on to spark a worldwide religious movement and propel Mrs.
Items of Interest
A new book from popular author Greg Garrett offers an “upgrade” to contemporary Christianity.
Sentinel Watch
Our prayers can uphold a high moral and spiritual culture, as well as effective academic instruction, for our children
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

‘Fear not’

When we understand the permanence of God’s care, our fears are dispelled.

Prayer aboard my VW bus

On a road trip, prayer provides guidance for traveler with car trouble.


Cool things can happen when you pray!
Church Alive

Your questions about Church

A Christian Science teacher and former school educator shares insights on the methodology and purpose of class instruction.

Christian Science class instruction—A commitment to God and growing spiritually

A Sentinel interview with the Christian Science Board of Education.

What is class all about?

A collection of answers to frequently asked questions about class instruction.
In order to provide the Internet-public with greater access to information about Primary class instruction and teachers of Christian Science, a new profile page for each authorized teacher of Christian Science has been added to ChristianScience.
Prayer guides this prospective student to the right teacher for him.

Increased reliance on God

This author finds that every day yields wonderful proofs of God's care.
There are so many blessings of having class instruction in Christian Science.
Obstacles do fall when we're focused on a right endeavor.

What’s in a name?

This teen is sure "class" is right for why is finding a teacher so tough?
Testimony of Healing
About seven years ago, I noticed that several joints in the fingers of one hand were rather stiff, and this made the opening and closing of that hand difficult.
Testimony of Healing
Several years ago, I was shopping for a Christmas tree at a lot.
Testimony of Healing
A time when I learned more about my true nature as God’s child occurred when I was experiencing excessive monthly bleeding during menopause.
From the Editors

Turn here

We can count on God—our divine Mind and Life—to supply exactly what we need in tangible forms.

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