‘At once, I turned to God’

About seven years ago, I noticed that several joints in the fingers of one hand were rather stiff, and this made the opening and closing of that hand difficult. As a Christian Scientist, I understood that I was spiritual, and any limitation could not be the truth about myself as the image of God, good. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “When the first symptoms of disease appear, dispute the testimony of the material senses with divine Science” (p. 390 ); and further down on that page, ”Suffer no claim of sin or of sickness to grow upon the thought.” In other words, begin at once to pray!

So, at once, I turned to God in prayer. Often, I declared that this difficulty was not a condition of matter, but rather an aggressive mental suggestion that I did not have to accept as my thought. I asked myself how I could believe in the allness of God and something opposite to Him as well. If God is ever present, where would something unlike Him exist? I knew that a hand, or any other part of our present concept of body, was not self-acting (see Science and Health, p. 393 ). This stiffness in my joints was never from God, so how could I, as His reflection, experience it?

Testimony of Healing
Hospitality opens the way to healing
March 28, 2011

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