Freed from excessive menopausal bleeding

A time when I learned more about my true nature as God’s child occurred when I was experiencing excessive monthly bleeding during menopause. I was very fearful because I had nursed my mother when she had similar symptoms. She passed on during that time from other causes, but I had connected the two in my thought.

As is my practice in the face of any challenge, I turned to prayer in Christian Science. I sought to gain a clearer understanding of what the truth about my spiritual being really is, since I knew my identity had been created by God, and that everything about me, including all of my functions, are governed by Him. I knew a loving Father-Mother had not made me or any woman to suffer. A comforting, loving divine Parent would never cause or allow harm to His children, so I knew this condition was not coming from God. I claimed for myself the fact that He had created me in His image, perfect, free, and innocent—not as a mortal subject to the belief of a curse, as in the allegory of Adam and Eve in Genesis (see chap. 3:9–19). 

I also considered a passage in Science and Health, where Mary Baker Eddy states, “When the mist of mortal mind evaporates, the curse will be removed which says to woman, ‘In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children’ ” (p. 557). I felt reassured by this promise. Spiritual thoughts, replacing false material beliefs, lift one out of any sense of oppressiveness—including all related stages of a so-called curse. I also felt reassured by Jesus’ healing of the woman who suffered 12 years from an “issue of blood” (see Luke 8:43–48). This woman’s reaching out to the Christ, to a clearer sense of the ideal man that is God’s likeness—by touching his hem—indicated a deep faith, which Jesus said healed her. I, too, had faith that God, divine Mind, would reveal exactly what I needed to know about my true selfhood. 

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March 28, 2011

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