My daughter's speedy recovery

Four years ago, on a winter morning, my family and I drove to our Christian Science church for the Sunday morning service. We arrived to find a ridge of snow along the curb that had been piled there from street plowing. As I went to help the kids out of the van, I saw my daughter bound over the snowbank, slip on a patch of ice, and fall. It looked as if both her legs had been yanked from under her in a sudden pull. Since she was holding a book bag, she instinctively bent her arm up and clutched the bag to her side. She landed square on her elbow with the full force of her body weight.

As I helped her up and into the warm building, I told her (and myself) that God would never let her get hurt in any way. This made both of us feel better and stopped her crying. She went to sit down in Sunday School while I went to get ready for the church service, as I was reading that morning. 

Testimony of Healing
Healed of a sore ankle and a heart problem
December 5, 2011

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