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Just a note to express gratitude for a couple of your recent articles.

Stones and light

I first visited Berlin in 1992, nearly three years after the wall came down.
Items of Interest
[Massachusetts] State Sen.
Items of Interest
Did you catch the PBS series on Prohibition?
Items of Interest
More than 7,600 churches from 34 denominations opened their doors to an estimated 250,000 visitors during National Back To Church Sunday, held September 18.

Free the angel

Let Soul impel you to release the angel of your creative, divinely given voice.


A Canadian painter talks about the source of his inspiration.
"I almost felt like I was watching someone else do the work!"

Striking spiritual notes

A conversation with Marianne Henry, the first violinist in the Marian Anderson String Quartet.

Casting call

A Hollywood actor gains a valuable lesson during a walk on the beach.


Wings,       pin feathers at first, and fluffy down,    then sturdy flight feathers         for lift off,       for soaring,         for spiraling                  up-upward;Moment by moment prayer—a listening,       catching the updraft,           circling from one good deed               to the next,       being borne on gratitude          and trust—                        those sturdy pinions.

Write it down!

A teen writes down her healings, and shares two with readers.

Our song about God

Rollie, Lily, and Avery go to the Christian Science Sunday School in Naples, Florida.
Through a spiritual lens

My pinnacle prayer

I took this picture on a summertime hike up the Pinnacle Trail in Stowe, Vermont, after a thunderstorm.
Church Alive
We talked, sharing stories and asking questions. We were different women from different paths.
You Can Be a Healer

Every call is a joy

I love the spiritual alertness that is continually required to be ready to answer calls day or night.
Sentinel Watch
It’s that time of year again.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Stand up for what's right

The world is in such need of our prayers–millions of people are confronted with the evils of discrimination, bullying, and hatred.
Testimony of Healing
Four years ago, on a winter morning, my family and I drove to our Christian Science church for the Sunday morning service.
Testimony of Healing
I had the great pleasure of becoming acquainted with Christian Science about ten years ago, thanks to a neighbor, a faithful student of this Science who has a firm conviction of its effectiveness.
Testimony of Healing
Growing up on a ranch, I was plagued with severe allergies and asthma.
From the Editors
Wisdom and love aren't opposites, but the outcome of divine mercy and truth.

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