Shortly before I started junior high, warts developed on two of my fingers. For a while I was distracted a lot by how the warts might be physically removed. I just wanted to get rid of them. But then I realized that my true identity originated in Soul, so my nature could express only the spotless quality of Soul. Because this fact governs our entire being, this was true of my outward appearance, too.

At some point I decided to stop thinking about my fingers and the warts. I had attended a Christian Science Sunday School regularly throughout my life, and it was natural for me to turn away from the physical appearance of a challenge, toward a spiritual approach to problem solving. As I prayed, I felt led to consider how God loved my classmates and me, which was interesting because I was at a new school and I wasn't finding a lot that I liked about my classmates. Even though I was not doing anything that would cause trouble, a few peers were unkind and behaved aggressively toward me. Nonetheless, I knew that I needed to be reaching out toward others to see God's goodness in them.

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