'LIAR' ... WHO, ME??

It can be pretty tempting to judge other people sometimes. Many of us may label others a particular way, with or without realizing what we're doing. But worst of all, we may end up labeling ourselves. I think the opposite of judging is authenticity. When we judge or label ourselves or others, we're not being authentic, real—nor seeing the genuine nature of a person.

Throughout my childhood, and up to my sophomore year in high school, I used to lie about practically everything. Sometimes without even knowing it, I'd lie about what I'd been doing, where I really had been, or even the things I was going to do. At first it started with "innocent" white lies. My mom would ask if I'd done my homework, and I'd say yes when really I hadn't. Then it turned into a game for me: a competition between my lying skills and my mom's ability to discern the truth. I'd make up excuses and try to avoid her questions.

Spotting the year's real winners
December 27, 2010

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