IS INTEGRITY A FORM OF HUMAN STRENGTH that some people have and some don't? Or does integrity have an underlying superstructure — a source that makes it accessible to everyone? Christian Science says that a man or woman of integrity isn't the exception but the rule, because in its spiritual definition, integrity is the state of divine wholeness that God gives and maintains in each of us.

Integrity isn't, then, simply an option for how to live life or a matter of personal moral convictions. Nor does it involve rigid adherence to a human code. In its spiritual meaning, integrity is the state of being complete, whole, and perfect. And because God is divine good and the actual source of all the completeness, perfection, and goodness that men and women express, integrity — wholeness, soundness, and incorruptibility — is built in, spiritually "hard-wired" into our very being. Understanding this fact expands individual ability to express integrity in daily affairs. It also helps us respond in healing and less reactive ways to the public and private improprieties and dishonesties that are so prevalent these days.

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