FILL US TODAY: a simple prayer

Fill us today, dear Father-Mother, God, with all Your tender love. Give us each moment a little sweet nudge that reminds us that You are near. Let us know that You are always looking our way, always touching us with the understanding that we are with You when darkness would creep in. We cherish Your presence and rejoice that even during the brightness of the day, You are still bigger and more brilliant than the rays of a thousand suns.

Fill us today, dear Father-Mother, with Your courage. Let us take this courage to face the trials that would make us think of something besides You. Hold us forever. Never let us go, as we belong to you. You are what makes us smile. Your creation fills our eyes with wonder. Your beautiful song makes us lift our hands in praise. Your melody moves with gentleness through the pages of our lives. Fill us today. Paint all our dreams with the feathers of angels. Let each tip be tenderly dipped with the true colors of heaven.

God was directing Jessee and me
February 5, 2007

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