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"The Healing Prayer Ministry organizes teams of trained people who fan out across the Salt Lake Valley, to churches where they pray with whoever has called on them. The teams pray about 'really anything,' Therese Davy-Graham, teams coordinator, said. And an unusual thing happens. 'Most people aren't used to having the focus on them, and having God enter it. It is just a beautiful experience. This is a safe ministry; we do not give advice. We're there to pray with them, and allow God to enter their lives. . . .

" 'People think they have to really be in dire straits.' But prayer teams can address troubles on all levels and are not in the business of judging which problems deserve attention. Chronic physical pain, relationship is sues, and other forms of turmoil are worthy of the team members' prayers, Davy-Graham said, adding that meetings between ministers and callers are confidential. 'We typically say we'll come three times, for example three Tuesdays at 6 p.m. We pray for one hour . . . it's amazing how God directs it,' she said. . . .

Church ... things better done together
December 8, 2003

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