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On June 23, I left my friend's Manhattan apartment and worked my way on foot across town to Grand Central Station.


I have just finished reading the August 27 Sentinel.
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Despite travel difficulties and the demands of news coverage, 130 reporters and writers attended the 52nd Annual Conference of the Religion Newswriters Association, held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, last month.

Safe under fire

Three people from countries where war and violence have been ongoing tell why prayer is more than just words.

STABILITY in uncertain times

The declines that rocked the stock markets in September sent out broad ripples, accentuating the fact that we live in an unmistakably global economy. But this seasoned investment banker injects a hopeful declaration: There are always spiritual answers to greed, shortages, and zero-sum predicaments.
To help children feel safe and cared for in trying times, www.
What does a soldier pray for in between packing up and shipping out?
What motivates a 24-year-old to look beyond the comforts of home and care about the world?

PRAYERS from around the world

A sampling of how the desire for peace is taking shape in thought and in word
An opportunity for making the world a little more stable was waiting right inside the city limits.

Eastern prayer

Their prayer:Aggravating and disruptive, that call to prayer five times a day!Shouting from a minaret—is there no other way for them to pray?

A MOMENT of flickering unity

"Thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness."
"If your church closed today, who would miss it besides its members?

A good picture

"I want a good picture of the towers, Mommy, not a bad picture.
Testimony of Healing

We can look to God, as Love, and overcome sorrow.

Testimony of Healing

Pain—no matter how large or how small—is no part of reality, because it is unlike God.

Testimony of Healing

Clearer vision

Eight years ago, when I had an examination for reading glasses, the eye doctor told me that I was beginning to have glaucoma.
Testimony of Healing

Flying without fear

Because God is good and is everywhere, I don't need to be afraid.


People all over the city are teaming up, talking together, binding together, like never before.

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