Understanding God's law brings immediate healing

I recently woke one morning with symptoms of a bad cold. I was not sick enough to stay in bed, but I had very little energy, and my usual activities were interrupted. I prayed for myself and felt somewhat better. But by the end of the day, I still was not well.

The following morning, there was enough improvement that I went out to run an errand. Still, annoying conditions of the cold persisted. Even though it's widely believed that a cold has to run its course, I knew through regular study of the Bible that Jesus routinely instructed sufferers to do exactly what they believed they could not do. For example, to an impotent man he said, "Rise ... and walk." To a man with a withered hand he said, "Stretch forth thy hand." To a dead child, he said, "Maid, arise" (see John 5:8; Luke 6:10; 8:54). These examples have helped me understand that spiritual law can and does reverse material conditions.

Testimony of Healing
Prayer restores normal functioning
July 24, 2000

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