To Our Readers

We grow up with cultural myths. Ponce de Leon's tragic (true) story, for example, of his desperate search for the proverbial fountain of youth is learned by many schoolchildren. Yet ours is a society of ironies, where the ideas of young people are often dismissed for a perceived lack of wisdom or experience, while the physical attributes of youth are idolized and sought after at great expense. How many times and in how many ways is Ponce de Leon's story being repeated today? And the search continues to be just as futile.

For the most part, that's because we've mistaken the real treasure and searched in the wrong places. What's truly valuable isn't a physical standard of "young-ness." That will always be elusive if we're simply trying to halt or reverse the processes of matter. The treasure is found in spiritual qualities—qualities that express God, divine Life. It's found in newness of thought, fresh ideas, spontaneity, inspiration. In spiritual renewal comes a freedom from all sorts of limitations, even the apparent limitations that are so often believed to accompany the passing of years.

August 31, 1998

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