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To Our Readers

We grow up with cultural myths.


As a retired Navy pilot and retired FAA pilot, I've traveled in all fifty states, and I love them all.
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According to a World Health Organization report, people throughout the world—even in less-developed countries—will experience improved health in the twenty-first century.
If someone gave you directions to a fountain of youth, would you journey there? And if so, what do you think you'd find? Here's a fountain of ideas that—understood and lived—will reveal not just youthfulness, but the spiritual basis of agelessness.
My friend was in earnest.
If supply and demand seem out of sync, you can rely on God's abundance.

How Love provides

I can never be impoverishedBy giving from my store,A taste, a meal, full measure,Each rewards me more!

Talk to me!

When a day without e-mail can make you feel as though you're all alone in the world, it's time to reconsider whom you're counting on for company.
Some people feel they can set aside a moral code while traveling and indulge behaviors they wouldn't otherwise engage in—now, there's a trend worth stopping in its tracks. Here's why.

The value of being a nonconformist

How well could you stand up to the pressure this author found himself facing?

Saved from fatality

The rescue crew thought it was a miracle that she survived at all, not to mention that she walked out of the hospital the morning after the accident. Hear how the woman involved in the incident and her mother tell the story.
Who in the Bible was a shepherd, musician, warrior, and king? Stumped? Read this.
David was from Bethlehem.
Testimony of Healing

Trust in God heals hemorrhaging

I gained a deep sense of God's presence and love—my love for Him and His love for me.

Testimony of Healing

Mother and child healed

Coming home from school on the bus, I had a complete healing.

Testimony of Healing

Prayer eliminates rash

I recognized that healing would come as soon as my understanding of my relationship with God had widened.

Testimony of Healing

From a bombing survivor

The terrorist bombing of the American Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, on April 18, 1983, took the lives of seventeen Americans and scores of Lebanese.

How love heals grief and loss

The more I choose to companion with God, the more opportunities I find to develop enriching friendships.



Q Can Christian Science heal children who are too young to understand its teachings?

Violence ... "Let It End Here"

In Springfield, Oregon, it was a living prayer.

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