Looking for a good investment?

You have a sure source of supply. Invest in it!

Many years ago, after I had invested in a real estate partnership for an office building, a crucial neighborhood business went bankrupt. For another year or so there was hope that a new business would move in and the neighborhood would revive, but it never happened. The tenants began to move out of the building I had invested in, no new tenants moved in, and my entire investment was lost.

But I had been making another investment—I was learning to lean on God. I remained confident that He who had given all good in the first place would continue to give infinite good. I began to see that good isn't something that I could save or lose. It is spiritual. It is always here, unchanged and unchanging. And so it was. I found that my needs were met one by one as they arose. I experienced no hardship or lack and had no sense of loss. I actually gained from the experience—I now have a clearer sense of the presence of God's love, tender care, and provision.

Today a large percentage of the population use investments to increase their financial security. But simply relying on the stock market or even government bonds as a source of good reminds me a little of standing on sand. When I visit the ocean, I like to stand on the sand with the waves washing over my feet. As the water moves in and out, I can feel the sand shifting out from under my feet. While this is fun to do, it's obvious that sand isn't a good foundation.

July 27, 1998

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