Seeing God's goodness in others

One of the children in my daughter's preschool developed a reputation for being disruptive and unkind. After a while, my daughter, Gracey, started referring to this child as bad. I was quick to correct her, saying that people sometimes act badly, but they are not bad people. Still I could tell she wasn't convinced. As far as she was concerned, anyone who destroyed her block structure was bad!

I realized that I needed to help Gracey heal this situation. So I told her that the next day she had to see two good things that this child did and report back to me about them. We also talked about the verse from Habakkuk that says of God, "Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil" (1:13). I assured her that, as God's reflection, she, too, could see so purely that she saw only good.

Living love
September 15, 1997

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