In the summer of 1995, while we were taking a family vacation,...

In the summer of 1995, while we were taking a family vacation, my husband and I witnessed a powerful healing that involved one of our daughters. We had rented a car. As we drove, our two daughters quickly fell asleep. After about an hour of driving, my husband, who is not a Christian Scientist, noticed that our older daughter was having a seizure and not breathing. We called out her name, trying to get her to respond. I immediately began to pray. Although the traffic was heavy, my husband stopped on the median of the highway, carried her out of the car, and began to resuscitate her. I remained in the car and continued to pray, affirming that the only reality God knows or makes is entirely spiritual. We all live in this reality. I rejected the fear that was attempting to overwhelm me.

When our daughter was breathing again, my husband carried her back into the car. I sat with her and held her in my arms. Her eyes were not focusing even when I was talking to her. I said the Lord's Prayer out loud and started to sing hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal. These lines from one of Mary Baker Eddy's poems had so much meaning to me and supported me immensely: "O Life divine, that owns each waiting hour" and "... fear/No ill,—since God is good, and loss is gain" (Poems, pp. 4–5). I repeated silently the fact that God is Life and nothing could separate our daughter from that one and only Life. This prayer allowed me to remain calm.

Testimony of Healing
Looking back on my experience of overcoming the addiction...
September 15, 1997

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