Keep it simple; God is Love

The Aitken Independent Age

Every believer has a theology whether we recognize this or not. Our theology should not get so complicated that we lose track of the simplest message of our faith. As a seminary professor approached retirement, he was asked by a member of his class to give a summary of his Christian faith. This was a learned person who had dedicated his whole life to the study of theology. He had degrees from several outstanding universities and seminaries. He had written many books on his discipline. Without hesitation he responded to the question by saying, God is love.

The seminary student was not satisfied with the professor's answer. That is too simple a reply. That is too contrite a response. It has to be more complicated than this. You summarize a lifetime of learning with three simple words, "God is love." Reflect back on the theological arguments you have had, recall the many words that you have written. Everything that you know and everything that you believe is summarized by these three words, "God is love."

Loving others heals us
September 15, 1997

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