Loving others heals us

The cashier was not smiling. She looked harried, frazzled, and sad. As I stood there while she rang up my order, it came to me to say, "You must be having a very busy day." With that, a beautiful smile came to her face, and she cheerfully replied, "Yes, it's been pretty wild in here today." As I walked away with my purchases and she began serving another customer, I could see that her whole demeanor had changed. She looked peaceful and joyful.

As I walked to my car, I was surprised at how good this experience made me feel. I thought I was doing a little, kind thing for someone else. I never expected to feel so blessed by it myself. But, then, love is like that. If you walk into a dark room with someone and turn on the switch, the light shines on you both.

Seeing God's goodness in others
September 15, 1997

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