Christianity's impact on competition

There is something about competition that appeals to many people, whether or not they are athletes. Competitiveness can nurture numerous mental qualities, including self-discipline, courage, creativity, and strength. But there is another side to competition that's not constructive. That is the tendency to want to win at any cost; so much so that it becomes more important than the activity itself. There are plenty of examples of people who wanted so much to win that they betrayed their values and used any means necessary—including dishonest, immoral, or illegal ones—to achieve the desired end.

Where does this dualistic nature of competition leave the person who loves God and values spirituality, but who also enjoys competitive activities? Does a good Christian have to abstain from all forms of competition? Ultimately we must ask ourselves, "Where and how do Christianity and competition intersect. . . or do they?" We each arrive at that answer on an individual basis, but here are some thoughts I've found useful.

The making of the next great golfer
August 18, 1997

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