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Physical ailments healed through prayer

(a partial list)

From the December 16, 1996 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Malignancy or cancer 27 Tumor 42 Polio 16 Tuberculosis 68 Pneumonia 38(including 7 cases of double pneumonia) Heart disorders 88 Kidney disorders 23 Childbirth complications 71(including 4 cases of still births) Meningitis 9 Appendicitis 24(including 8 acute cases) Rheumatic fever 16 Cataract 11 Diabetes 12(including one juvenile case) Pernicious anemia 13 Glaucoma 3 Hepatitis 7 Leukemia 3 Multiple sclerosis 6 Blindness 7 Goiter 13 Epilepsy 13 Crossed eyes 3 From a study of 2,337 verified testimonies of healing of medically diagnosed conditions published between 1969 and 1988. See "An Empirical Analysis of Medical Evidence in Christian Science Testimonies of Healing 1969-1988," Committee on Publication, The First Church of Christ, scientist, Boston, MA, April 1989.