Our tolerance point

Each night one can turn on the television and see wars and threats of wars, famines, diseases, murders. Barraged with pictures and sounds of horror, one may ask, "What is my tolerance point? As much as I care, at what point can I, or do I, begin to say, 'No more!'" As I have come to terms with these questions, I have realized I can be of significant help to others by making sure I have a zero tolerance for evil.

Having no tolerance for evil isn't wishful thinking or ignoring wrong in favor of pie-in-the-sky dreams. Nor does it mean refusing to be appropriately informed about humanity's needs. The demand is for prayer and watchfulness about what we accept to be true of God and of man's relation to Him. Our tolerance point then becomes not a measure of disgust but of our spiritually based love for God and man. And healing results.

Why go to church?
January 22, 1996

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